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Unique Things To Do With Loved One's Ashes

Considering what to do with your beloved’s ashes can be a much more complicated matter these days than it used to be. Scattering ashes or keeping them in an urn were basically the only options available previously, and while these are still viable choices for many, there are now several other ways you can go if you’d like to think a little outside the box.

Firstly, those wishing to scatter can choose not only a special spot at home but in fact practically anywhere that had meaning to your person. The ocean is a favourite for many, and you can recruit the coast guard to assist you here if you’re wishing to organise this yourself. Alternatively, you may prefer a personal trip to a special beach and scatter them in knee deep water.

Parks, sporting grounds, lookouts, mountain tops – anywhere that your special person loved to spend time can be a fitting place for a farewell. Have a think about what they loved the most – and this may simply be spending time at home, in which case a backyard send off would be perfect – to ensure their final resting place reflects their true loves in life.

Now for those who may prefer something slightly left of centre, there are some other interesting options to choose from. Those who had particular connections with nature may resonate with the option of becoming a tree! The wonderful BiosUrn can take ashes and make them into whatever sapling you choose, allowing you to plant at home and watch your beautiful tree grow, giving you happy memories every time you look at it.

Those who have lost a child, or for children who have lost a parent, the option of putting ashes into a teddy bear can bring much needed comfort at such a distressing time, providing a tangible representative of the person to cuddle and soothe. There are many options available and we’d suggest trying companies such as Cami Bear or the Eddy Bear Company.

Alternatively, you may prefer to keep a piece of your loved one with you at all times, by taking some ashes and turning them into a piece of jewellery – you can wear a necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet to keep them close to you and these are done so beautifully by so many different creative jewellers that the options are endless. We suggest searching sites like Etsy for some truly stunning creations.

For the artistically minded, or for those wishing for a more visual reminder of their loved one, you may wish to consider turning their ashes into hangable art pieces or resin based sculptures, that come in any shape or size you can think of. Try searching under cremation art, or cremation painting, to see the wide variety of options that creatives are offering.

You can even turn your loved one’s ashes into a vinyl record! Is there a song that instantly makes you think of them? Maybe you’d like a vinyl copy of this song with their ashes pressed into it. UK company And Vinyly can arrange this for you.

Lastly, for the more theatrical types who would really have liked to go out with a bang, there is the option of turning ashes into fireworks! Such an extravagant climax to a farewell, this option is perfect for those who loved to be noticed and really want a dramatic exit. Cremation fireworks are available in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast through KC’s Fireworks.

Bear in mind that you need only include a portion of your loved one’s ashes in any of these options – you can still keep the majority in a special container at home, or scatter them in the backyard. For my own dad, he actually has several different resting places! He lived a life across several continents and in various communities so it was fitting that we kept some here with his family, some with me, and some overseas where he spent many years and had many special connections. We also scattered some ashes at each of the two ceremonies we had, as they were held in different locations – so there’s no need to choose just one option, especially if your beloved was one who walked a varied and interesting path.



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