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Suggested ceremony locations

Not sure where to farewell your loved one? The beauty of a personalised send off is that it can be anywhere at all - and preferably somewhere that was special to your special someone.

Choosing somewhere outdoors is a favourite of ours, depending on where you live and your climate of course, as it not only allows for a real connection with nature, but also provides plenty of space for activities, décor, food, musicians and anything else you may like to include.

However, if your loved one was not the outdoorsy type, a community hall, well frequented café or restaurant, favourite sports club or even your home can be the perfect venue for them.

If you do choose to host at home, we suggest making things easy on yourself by delegating as much as possible: ask friends and family to bring plates of food or have it catered, hire extra chairs and tables if needed or even request that attendees bring a chair, and involve your community as much as possible. You will have enough going on mentally and emotionally to try and bring together an event yourself, so now is the time to really reach out to others for support.

Here are our favourite suggestions:

- Picnic at a local park

- Outdoor games & BBQ at the beach

- Intimate garden drinks and music at home

- Lunch at favourite restaurant/café or sports club

- Night time farewell spent stargazing in the backyard

- Camping trip with stories by the fire

- Watching the sunrise at a favourite lookout

Don't be afraid to think outside the box! This is your opportunity to create a day (or night) that truly reflects your loved one and everything that was important to them.

We know of plenty local public parks and beaches if you need a hand, and can arrange permits where needed.



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