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Friends in Nature

Suggested locations

We recommend choosing somewhere that has real meaning to your loved one.


You can even plan a whole theme around this.

AND don’t be afraid to think outside the box -

go with a sunrise, or a night event

if it’s more in the style of your departed!

Here are some of our favourite suggestions:

  • Picnic at a local park

  • Outdoor games & BBQ at the beach

  • Intimate garden drinks and music at home

  • Lunch at favourite restaurant/café or sports club

  • Night time farewell spent stargazing in the backyard

  • Camping trip with stories by the fire

  • Watching the sunrise at a favourite lookout

We know of plenty local public parks and beaches

if you need a hand,

and can arrange permits where needed.



You may wish to incorporate something symbolic into the day,

to commemorate your loved one’s passing.


If so, we recommend these beautiful rituals:

  • Planting a tree

  • Dedicating a star

  • String of photos/fairylights around trees

  • Memory cards, written by guests for family to keep

  • Colouring station for children to draw pictures of your loved one

  • Tribute video, created prior to the day and screened for all to share


Plus many more...

Memorial Keepsakes

A wonderful way to include guests on the day is to give them something special to take home with them.


You may prefer to create something new, or instead choose to give away some treasured items of your beloved's.


Our Suggestions


- recipe cards with your loved one’s favourite recipes for guests to bake at home

- a packet of seeds of their favourite plant to be planted in their honour

- your loved one’s personal book collection

- your loved one’s music collection

- cards or bookmarks printed with favourite sayings/funny moments of your beloved

- mugs or coolers printed with their favourite song lyrics or poem

- your loved one’s favourite snacks or drinks

- personalised candle to be lit in memory

- personalised Christmas decoration

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