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Cremation Options

Before you start planning the ceremony, an important 

first step is to arrange cremation.


Sunshine Coast locals will need to contact 
a funeral home and arrange a

No Attendance Cremation.

We have some wonderful options on the coast.

We recommend:

 White Lady Funerals


Burial Options

For those who would prefer burial over cremation, we suggest checking with

Sunshine Coast Council

to find your closest cemetery. 


Bookings will need to be arranged through a funeral director, however you are still welcome to choose us for your graveside ceremony. 


Contact us for more info. 

Red Fireworks

What Next?

It's totally up to you...

Did you know you can turn your loved one’s ashes into fireworks?!

This is just one of the many creative options available.


You can also choose to turn them into

jewellery, a tree or even a teddy bear!

Alternatively, you may wish to scatter
your beloved’s ashes on the day -

you can even ask your guests to join in the ritual –

or scatter them at sea.

Ask us how we can assist with your choice.

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