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After The Ceremony

So it’s all over. What now?

This is a big question, and the answer is different for everyone.

However, we’d really suggest reaching out for some professional support through this journey of loss.

We recommend:

Our focus at Unique Funerals is on celebrating and honouring the life of your special someone.

In a way that truly reflects who they were and what they loved.


From beautiful, simple ceremonies in intimate settings, through to parties fit for rockstars – we’ve got you.



Silke Herwald

Guest speaker on the important subject of grief at the 2019 AHA Hypnotherapy World Conference, Silke has over 10 years experience in this field. 

Holding Hands

Grief Counselling 

With several highly recommended practitioners

on staff, Step Up Your Life clinic in Coolum can offer professional help to those needing support

Intuitive Healing


Leanne Pipia

Leanne offers intuitive guidance support sessions for those struggling with the loss of a loved one


Psychic Medium


Sean Collyns

Acting as a bridge between worlds, professionally renowned medium Sean Collyns can bring much needed comfort by connecting loved ones with those left behind.

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