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Hi, I'm Belinda

After losing my dad only a few short years ago and realising what limited options were available to give him the kind of send off that he really would have loved, I decided to create something unique for him myself. 

I realised much later that there would be others like me, looking for a farewell that truly showed how special their loved one was, yet not knowing how to (or feeling able to) create it themselves. 

I also understood on a personal level how overwhelming the whole process can be, especially while still dealing with grief, and wanted to be the person who helped others through that.


With my event planning and styling background, I realised these skills and experience gave me exactly what I needed to create incredibly special and personalised farewells for other families - and so I started Unique Funerals.  

My wish is to give each person a send off that truly reflects exactly who they were in life, in a positive and celebratory way, allowing their loved ones to have a day of joy and reflection before letting them go.

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Whenever you're ready, let's talk.

0404 04 0831

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